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  Cardisoft eUniversity as an Open Architecture Platform  
The Cardisoft eUniversity platform has been developed with Microsoft products using multi-tier architecture and client-server data transmission is executed via XML.

The open architecture and unrestricted scalability used when designing the eUniversity platform can assist in utilizing existing technological infrastructure and ensuring the maximum return on investment.

Using the .NET eUniversity Development Toolkit and Web Services, applications can be developed by third parties using the most popular platforms such as Java and .NET, and thus new functions and services can be offered to universities to cover any arising needs.


  Open Architecture
  Open architecture enables users to extended choice of analysis due to the capabilities of multiple vendors that can be easily integrated into the same user interface.

Cardisoft uses Modular architecture to exponentially increase the number of possible configurations achievable from a given set of inputs, greatly increasing the flexibility of a system.

  3 tier architecture
Cardisoft software application is structured around three physical tiers as shown below:

3 tier architecture