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  Administrative Solutions  
Cardisoft eUniversity administrative solutions are designed to provide an increased level of services to the campus population as well as to those who interact with it.  The solution is an integrated data management system providing a single source of information for the day-to-day running of an educational institution.

  Cardisoft eUniversity Human Resources
eUniversity_human_resources­­­­­The Human­ Resources application provides integrated management of an Institution΄s academic and a­dmi­nistr­ative staff as well as contract associates.

  Cardisoft eUniversity Applicants
eUniversity_applicantsWeb-based portal for admissions applications for prospective students­

  Cardisoft eUniversity Alumni
eUniversity_alumniA solution for social network services for Alumni.­­­­­

  Cardisoft eUniversity Students
­­­A campus management Student System that covers all the needs for higher education institutions. Cardisoft e­University S­tudents application supports all operations including enrolment management, managing undergraduate student data, logging changes in student status, courses offered, course data, theses and dissertations, practical experience, course selections, academic transcripts, degree certificate applications, grading, advisory services, distribution of  text books etc.