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pdf­Cardisoft eUniversity­ Solution

Cardisoft SA is a software company that has provided solutions, consulting and lead­ing technology for higher education for the past 15 years, thus aiding Universities to improve operational effectiveness in a changing environment, ­

Our products have been exclusively developed by our highly skilled in-house developers and we strive to provide digital solutions to the educational communities where people, technologies and procedures converge in an organized and simple manner.

Cardisoft΄s eUniversity Solution is a set of integrated applications and database systems that have been developed to allow universities and educational institutions perform their administrative and educational duties in a highly efficient and organized manner while providing room for growth.

Cardisoft΄s eUniversity Solution fully utilizes state of the art technology and by providing access to various media such as the internet and voice/video communications (land phones, mobile phones, PDAs etc.), seeks to fully modernize educational institutions, allowing them to efficiently handle their daily workloads, improve the services offered to students, introduce new digital services and lastly but most importantly provide full integration with different applications and systems.

The Cardisoft eUniversity Suite of Applications provides:
  • Improvement of services provided for students and academic staff in terms of their daily transactions with administrative and academic staff through a campus-wide solution of integrated databases
  • A centralized database and application system with instant access to critical data.
  • Automation of the administrative procedures for students, academic and administrative staff
  • Simplified configuration of personalized parameters
  • Centralized support of the system by technical staff
Cardisoft eUniversity Solution is a fully-integrated suite of applications that delivers administrative, academic and self-service support for higher education. Cardisoft is today the Market leader in higher education administrative solutions. Our products are based on international standards while the open architecture on which they were developed provides solutions for educational institutions worldwide.

Cardisoft eUniversity administrative suite consists of the following integrated components:

eUniversity administrative suite

Cardisoft eUniversity application is based on an integrated database where data redundancy is kept to a minimum and data integrity to a maximum. The role based environment allows Database records to be shared with a high level of security from all the different applications by all authorized users within the campus community.

With Cardisoft eUniversity self-service capabilities, students gain secure access to their personal data, admissions information, online course registration, e-learning applications, academic staff, etc. anytime and from any location place where there is internet access via a browser or via the telephone. They can choose from different convenient methods of access: internet, telephone, pda, infokiosk.

Cardisoft Timetable engine refers to the designing and management of classes and examinations time­-tables ­(Participants, locations, units, teams, etc.) of an Academic Institute.

Unified messaging systems are designed to unite all messaging media such as email, fax, SMS and voice messaging into a unified environment, allowing the end-user to have a single source for message delivery, repository, notification and administration. Our Unified Messaging solution is MESSAGEmanager platform a cost effective, reliable and scalable solution that can grow with organisation needs and leverage technology investments in both legacy circuit & IP Telephony.

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