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   Microsoft Case Study: Implementation of Microsoft Live@edu from Cardisoft at “Protypa” School in Thessalonica
Cardisoft publishes Microsoft’s case study regarding the implementation of Live@edu at “Protypa” School in Thessalonica.

The title of the Case Study is «”Protypa” School in Thessalonica support learning with the use of Microsoft technology».

Live@edu is a user friendly communication platform, specially customized to education needs, offering the following abilities:
•    E-mail - With 10 gigabytes (GB) of e-mail storage, it offers a service similar to the Microsoft Outlook Live e-mail service, which allows communication between students and teachers.
•    Messenger – Direct communication wherever the users might be.  
•    Sky Drive – Online private and common storage space of 25 GB. The system offers the capacity of online documents and images storage, while it also allows remote access with the use of security codes.   
•    Office Live Workspace – Online storage, access and document sharing. The specific application supports team work on common files, with simultaneous access. As a result every student is able to work from a home computer as well as co-author school tasks with classmates.
•    Spaces – Live@Edu provides private blog spaces and photo galleries, where children chat, exchange files and photo images etc.  Moreover, by downloading Windows Live Writer for free, students are able to write articles, make text entries with images and publish them in their blogs.